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With a rating up to 700 HP and 3100 Nm (ingoing torque), the VVT 700 is the most powerful CVT transmission of its kind on the market.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Manoeuvring without using the brakes, always using the engine in its most efficient range no matter what the conditions are and no drop in power allows drivers to keep the focus on their jobs and increase their productivity and efficiency.

Proven Technology and Partnership

The VVT gearboxes have proven themselves since 2013 and have made many hours since. The gearboxes have been developed and produced by VVT Transmission.

Transmission dual range power split
Transmission input power range 300 - 515kW / 410 - 700hp
Maximum input speed (rpm) 1800
Maximum input torque (Nm) 3100
Hydrostatic units pump 300 cc
Hydrostatic units motors 2 x 233 cc
Ratio forward 1st gear: infinite - 1.28 : 1
(input rpm : output rpm) 2nd gear: infinite - 0.51 : 1
Maximum output speed (rpm) 1st gear: 1160
(from 1800 to 1500 rpm input speed) 2nd gear: 2900
Output front to rear mechanically directly coupled
lockable longitudinal
differential (optional)
Output torque distribution front/rear 50/50 (direct) - 35/65 (diff)
Maximum total output torque (Nm) 14500
Vertical drop input to output shaft (mm) 500
Input Flange Cross-serrated Ø150
Output Flanges Cross-serrated Ø150
Output rotation forward Looking at rear output flange: CCW (same direction as crankshaft rotation)
Oil capacity (excl oil cooler) 85 liter
Oil cooling separate transmission oil cooler
Dry weight (kg) 1750
Required voltage 24V
Electronic control CANBUS, J1939 compliant
Limp-home function Yes

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